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While we’re not out of the weather season just yet, as evidenced by our recent snowstorm, now is an ideal time to begin thinking about this year’s landscaping and yard projects. Spring and the accompanying warmer temperatures provide the perfect time to begin plotting our next landscape projects to improve the quality of your yard, giving you a place to enjoy and relax. However, one of the key factors of achieving your ideal landscape isn’t actually a plant or type of grass, but a drainage system that can support your yard. In this blog, we explain the part your drainage system plays in your landscaping and share some helpful tips to keep in mind as you plan out your next big yard project.

Winter Helps Highlight Issues

Winter is a season where we don’t get much landscaping done, aside from shoveling our driveways and walkways, but it does help provide insight into what we need to work on next. Make a list of the drainage issues you noticed in the last few months. This can be something as minor as melting snow pooling in an area of your yard, or as major as a waterline freezing or rupturing after a particularly cold night. While the major issues are typically handled quickly to resolve the issue, the more minor ones highlight what areas of your landscaping or drainage need attention and upkeep as we start this new year. Resolving these issues now before they grow into something major is a wise investment in the future of your property and preventing costly problems down the road.

Spring’s Advantages

Spring provides unique advantages to getting this work done, with the most popular one being the cooler temperatures. The warmer weather warms the soil, making it easier for the digging and trenching required for drainage system replacements, lessening the amounts of time and effort that needs to go into this task. Additionally, taking care of yard work in spring can actually be a relaxing task compared to the sweaty ordeal it is addressing these issues in the heat of summer. By taking care of these issues and putting in the work now, it allows you more time to kick back and relax in the summer and better enjoy your downtime.

Spring is also the perfect time to reevaluate your drainage system. If you noticed issues occurring over the winter, that could be a sign that it needs to be addressed. However, if it has simply just been a while since you’ve had a drainage inspection (they should be done once a year), it is worthwhile to cross this off your to do list in spring. A new drainage system can help pave the way for new landscaping you want to install in your yard, providing the necessary water the plants will need to grow and thrive. It can also help to reinvigorate your lawn and ensure that it is healthy, adding to your overall property value. Lastly, it will set you up to avoid drainage issues later on in the year when our rainy seasons begin again.

Planning is Key

Now that you have some ideas in mind, creating a plan to find the most cost-efficient way to incorporate all of these pieces into your existing setup. You want to map out any utility lines on your property to ensure you avoid disrupting those whenever you dig. You’ll also want to examine the natural landscape of your yard to see where the slopes of the yard already aid in drainage and where a drainage system would be better suited for the task. If you plan on installing new fixtures, such as a rain garden, a patio, or a retaining wall, build these into your plan as well. The utilities will dictate where the new fixtures can go, which will in turn dictate what room is left for your drainage system. Lastly, be sure to do your research and secure any of the necessary permits that are required for your area if excavation is needed to achieve your landscaping goals. The last thing you want is to go over your budget not due to materials, but unexpected fines.

Hire the Professionals at ASE

If this sounds like a lot of work and you’re not sure where to start, give the team at All Seasons Earthworks a call. We start every project with a free consultation to help you determine the best drainage system for your landscaping plans. We take care of the prep work, installation, and cleanup, allowing you to focus on other tasks, such as purchasing those new plants or simply just kicking back to enjoy your yard. Simply give us a call at 425-263-2075 to get started.