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Demolition and Excavation

Whether it’s preparing your land for a new landscaping project, demolishing existing structures for a fresh start, or digging up your land to improve the natural slope and grade of your plot, we are equipped to handle it all. All Seasons Earthworks LLC has been serving Snohomish county for over 20 years with our excavation contractor services; we’d love to make your need our next project. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

First Steps

Before starting on any excavation project, you will need to identify and secure the necessary permits for excavation work to be performed in your area.  Next, you will need to find excavation contractors, such as All Seasons Earthworks LLC, who are qualified to perform the work. These contractors will coordinate the project with the local zoning committee and mark any existing underground utilities, such as water, sewer, and power lines. Once this is complete, they will draw up a plan of what the next steps will be, specify how the excavation will be performed, and what you can expect the finished project to look like.


When structures are present on the land that needs to be cleared, that’s when demolition comes into play. Oftentimes, if your excavation contractor has the proper machinery, the same equipment used for excavation can be used for demolishing small to medium structures, saving you from having to hire a second company to assist. Before demolition takes place, your contractor will secure the necessary permits required to perform the demolition and that none of the structures are protected by historical landmark status. Your contractor will also be responsible for ensuring that all safety regulations and protocols are followed during the demolition and debris removal.


Once all of the necessary land clearing and demolition are completed, the actual excavation can get underway. However, it’s not as simple as just digging up the earth. It has to be done strategically to ensure the integrity of the finished project. Some of these considerations are:

  • Distribution of dirt. If you’re excavating the land in order to lay the foundation for a new structure or installing a new patio or driveway, the density and level of the earth plays a significant part in this. If the ground is packed too tightly, water will have a hard time naturally draining. Alternatively, if the ground is packed too loosely, it can lead to problems such as sinkholes and unstable foundations in the future.
  • Depth of excavation. The scope of your project will determine the depth of the excavation required. Landscaping jobs, such as replacing your topsoil or grass, need only a shallow amount of earth to be removed, while the pouring of foundations and driveways requires a deeper excavation depth in order to ensure structural stability.
  • Equipment used. When dealing with excavation projects, it’s important that you’re using the right tools for the job in order to perform the work correctly. If you use the wrong excavation equipment, it can complicate the process and cause costly delays.


Trenching is another part of the excavation process that is primarily for the installation of foundations, drainage systems, and landscaping work.

  • Foundations. Trenching is used to dig the perimeter of the foundation, creating an outline within which the foundation is placed. After the foundation work is completed, trenching is used to replace the dirt in such a way that allows for natural drainage to take place and provides support to the base of the foundation for overall structural integrity.
  • Drainage. While some drainage solutions can be implemented using land grading and sloping during excavation, it’s not a one size fits all solution. Sometimes a project will require trenching for the installation of a drainage system to ensure the integrity of the land and prevent future drainage issues.
  • Landscaping. Oftentimes, laying the groundwork for future landscaping is a final step of excavation projects. Trenching is utilized in these instances for the installation of sprinkler systems, garden sectioning, and, in some cases, retaining walls.

Debris Removal

Once all is said and done, you’re still left with a pile of unsightly debris on your land. At All Seasons Earthworks LLC, we handle all debris removal in-house, saving you the cost of hiring additional help. We utilize both a dump truck and dump trailer to ensure the debris is disposed of in a timely manner and in accordance with your city’s local ordinance. Once the debris has been hauled off, the excavation work is complete, leaving you to enjoy your finished project.

Qualified Excavation Contractors

For over 20 years, All Seasons Earthworks LLC has been performing residential and commercial excavation work for Snohomish county residents. We own all of our own equipment and possess the skills and qualifications needed to tackle your job. If you have need of excavation services in Snohomish county, we’d love to schedule a consultation with you to learn more and tell you how we can help. Call us today at 425-263-2075 or send us a message online to get started.

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