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Owning a house is often a milestone to celebrate, but also brings with it new challenges as you navigate the world of home repairs.  While preventative maintenance and upkeep can help to head off many common headaches, problems will still occur unexpectedly.  One common such occurrence is plumbing issues, such as water line breaks.  If the break is small, it can be some time before the effects are noticed, resulting in costly water damages.  However, there are some things you can keep an eye on to quickly gauge the health of your water line and get a heads up when problems occur.

Monitor Your Water Pressure

This is often the most noticeable sign that your water line is experiencing some issues, as it affects your everyday routines.  Whenever a water line is punctured or experiences a leak, no matter how small, the overall water pressure of the line drops as the flow is disrupted.  The result is a drop in water pressure affecting your kitchen and bathroom routines.  Occasionally this water pressure drop can be due to utility work being performed in your area, but more often than not, the root of the issue is localized to your individual water line.

Monitor Your Water Bill

Another way to be alerted to a leak in your water lines is to look at the costs associated with your water bill each month.  While this is typically a bill we pay without a second thought, it’s worth a short glance each month to see if the cost is the usual amount you’re used to paying.  While it’s true that the overall bill will fluctuate each month based on usage, what you’re actually looking for is a trend of increased water usage with no noticeable corresponding increase in your actual water usage.  When this occurs, it typically points to a leak in your water line somewhere that is causing your water bill to reflect a higher usage than you are actually consuming.

Look for Standing Water in Your Yard

While most water line breaks indoors are easy to notice rather quickly, when they happen outdoors, it can take a while before the effects are noticeable.  Depending on how deeply your water line is buried, one sign you can watch out for is pooling or standing water in your yard.  Over time, even a small leak in your water line can lead to water pooling in the yard above the leak. This doesn’t even necessarily mean a small pond; it can be as subtle as a small soggy patch of grass in your yard that wasn’t there previously.  This is often more noticeable in the spring and fall seasons when the hot summer temperatures don’t assist the water in evaporating.  A great way to keep an eye out for this is by being mindful of any groundwater while mowing or doing other yard work.

Drainage Professionals You Can Trust

If you’re dealing with the headache of a water line break, your next call should be to All Seasons Earthworks.  We have over 20 years of experience in water line repair and replacement in and around Snohomish County.  We are family owned and operated and are dedicated to not only resolving your issue quickly and efficiently, but also without breaking the bank.  Give us a call today at 426-623-2075 to schedule a free consultation with us.